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Keith Springer on Fox Business 07192013

5 Critical Strategies For A Stress-Free & Successful Retirement (As Seen on FOX News) (NEW!)

This report was picked up by FOX News and can also be viewed on their website with the LIVE interview. Keith warns that most financial advisors are failing to address these 5 key areas. Published May 2014.



How To Prepare Your Family & Finances For Catastrophic Illness (NEW!)

This report was written by a dedicated team of experts, including Keith Springer, in each of the critical areas of elder care. Published July 2013.



The Rules of Retirement Have Changed

The Rules of Retirement Have Changed (UPDATED RELEASE!)

Keith Springer’s brand new special report, revision published July 2013, The Rules of Retirement Have Changed – How to create your own rock solid retirement plan.





Social Security Report (NEW!)

Written by Keith Springer – Published February 1, 2013. Everything you need to know about Social Security regulations, and how and when to take your benefits.





Q1EconomicMarketCommentaryIcon.jpgQ1 2013 – Economic & Market Commentary

Published January 1, 2013. A 2013 outlook on the economy and what it means for your financial investments.



Retirement Planning Kit

Retirement Planning Kit

The kit for all your Retirement Planning needs. This kit provides information on planning for your retirement, estate, and everything else. Also, included are answers to your biggest questions about retirement.




The Looming Retirement Crisis- The Perfect Storm The Looming Retirement Crisis: The Perfect Storm

As millions of baby boomers ready themselves for retirement, most are not doing nearly enough! To make matters worse, rising healthcare costs, overextended long-term-care capacity, under-funded retirements and the looming Social Security crises could all converge at the most inopportune time and create a Perfect Storm.



Making the Big Leap - Deciding on when to retireMaking the Big Leap – Deciding on When to Retire

Most people are not forced to retire anymore, so depending on your health, the ball is in your court. Often the biggest reason to retire early is to do something different and or just work part-time.




My Retirement Plan ChecklistMy Retirement Plan Checklist

Use the following checklist to be sure you and your advisors have covered all the key points of income, tax, asset, and risk planning in creating your plan.




Making income last a lifetimeMaking Income Last A Lifetime

Forces are combining to make planning for outliving your resources more important than it has been in the past. Old rules of thumb for spending your assets in retirement, called decumulation, need to be reconsidered.



Understanding what Retirement meansUnderstanding What Retirement Means

Understanding the reality of your financial future is important to understand the reality of investing. Let’s start by acknowledging that we are all subject to conditioning and that our beliefs are not necessarily accurate.


Your 401k Rollover Choices Explained Your 401k Rollover Choices Explained

Making the right choice with your 401k can be the difference between retiring comfortably…or not.




Advanced Retirement Planning 3.0Advanced Retirement Planning 3.0

Managing your own money is a daunting task, both physically and emotionally. Making important decisions about our finances as we approach and live in retirement is critical to maintaining our way of life.

Wealth Management Solutions for Those Already In Retirement Wealth Management for Those Already in Retirement

Life changes when you are living your goals rather than aspiring toward them. Suddenly, you have more to lose than to gain and you want to know how to keep what you have. Building and generating wealth is no longer the most important thing in this stage of life, but preservation of wealth is vital.



Flipping the switch on retirement Flipping the Switch to Retirement

Flipping the switch from work to retirement mode is not quite like flipping a switch to light a room. It is not a black and white transition. And neither is handling your investment accounts during the change.

Roth Conversion What you need to knowRoth Conversion – What you Need to Know

In 2010 the $100,000 income threshold was lifted for ROTH conversions, but the rules surrounding Roth IRAs are complicated with serious tax and income implications for the unschooled.

Estate PlanningEstate Planning

A good estate plan allows for transfers of wealth to take place at minimum cost (including taxes) and insures that the wealth ends up in the hands of proper beneficiaries with a minimum of hassle.

Reverse mortgages for retireesReverse Mortgages for Retirees

Being able to tap the equity in their homes for retirement income or financial support may be a retirees saving grace. Reverse mortgages provide a way to do this, while ensuring that homeowners can continue to reside in their homes for the remainder of their lives.

How to create a financial planHow to Create a Quality Financial Plan

Many people who decide to use a free calculator to plan for their retirement will find out too late that those calculators are simply not designed to be a financial plan, but merely to give a “starting point” or “wake up call”.

41 Frequently asked Questions41 Frequently Asked Questions about Retirement

Answers to the most common retirement questions, such as: Where will my retirement come from? If inflation averages 5%, how much will I need in the future? What percentage of my final working earnings will I need in retirement income?

5 Things to Prepare for in Retirement5 Things to Prepare for in Retirement

The two biggest enemies of most investors are fear and greed. If you can get a grip on these emotions, and gain a deeper understanding of the true risks you face as an investor, you may stand a much better chance of achieving.

High Yielding Alternatives- Preferred Stocks an Easy Solution High Yielding Alternatives: Preferred Stocks an Easy Solution

Preferred stocks can be a great addition to your portfolio, whether you are looking for higher yield than CD’s or money markets, or to provide stability in a volatile market.

KSBioNewIcon2.png The Life and Times of Keith Springer

Keith is the founder and president of Springer Financial Advisors in Sacramento, CA. He has been providing professional financial advice for more than 27 years, specializing in wealth management solutions for even the most complex individual and institutional portfolios worldwide.


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